Women’s Running Clothes for Summer

Women’s Running Clothes for Summer

Summer is always a great challenge for women runners. While you can adapt your clothing to the temperatures in the cold season, it can quickly get too hot in summer. Therefore, women pay particular attention to the proper running clothes for the hot season. The right sports attire allows you to achieve top performance even when the sun is in […]

Which Is More Useful: Running or Walking?

Which Is More Useful: Running or Walking?

You have probably heard the saying that running burns a lot of calories and helps you to lose weight faster. But if you are not a big enthusiast of sports, you have asked yourself at least once is running better than walking? Which of these activities is healthier? What other benefits you can receive from these activities? The Research The […]

Hot Headphones for Runners

Aukey Latitude Cost – £26 If you’re looking for a new set of headphones to make your time running feel slightly less laborious but aren’t looking to unload your weeks wages on a top of the line set, then the Aukey Latitude headphones are a great choice. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and are lightweight, so you won’t […]

Your Guide to Running Terrains

No matter what your level of running may be, whether it’s beginner or expert, something you need to be aware of in terms of your work out is what terrain it is you are running on. The ground we run on can make a huge difference to the way we work out and each has different benefits for us so […]

Top Spots for Runners in the US Part 2

The Great American Runners Road Trip Ouray, Colorado Spot: Bridge of Heaven Trail Here we have another tough experience in Ouray, Colorado on the Bridge of Heaven trail. Here you’ll find an eight mile out and back trail that will take you back and forth over scree on Rocky Mountain until you reach a wooded ridgeline that spreads over 12,300 […]

Top Spots for Runners in the US Part 1

The Great American Runners Road Trip The great American road trip is the stuff of dreams, travelling across the country and seeing this diverse country and everything it has to offer is something that people from all over the world want to do before they reach the pearly gates. Perhaps one of the best things this country has to offer […]

The World’s Greatest Marathons

The Athens Authentic Marathon The marathon that started it all, the Athens Authentic Marathon is based on the path of the legend. Over two and a half thousand years ago the battle of Marathon was fought and won by the Ancient Greeks, a messenger, Pheidippides, ran from the battle site all the way to Athens in order to deliver the […]

Safety When Running Takes Precedence – Running Safe

Runners often use the time on the road to reflect on their day and love the idea of spending time by themselves. Avid runners find that they prefer running alone than running in a group. After all, when they run, it is unlikely that they would be able to hold a conversation with friends. Therefore, most runners who take up […]

Bossaball is More Than Just Bouncing on Inflated Fields

Sporting events come in every form, fun and adventure type. Countries around the world actively introduce new sporting events by the day to encourage healthy competition between people and sometimes nations. Countries who are arch rivals come together with sports and spend their fury through healthy competition instead of on the battlefield. Sporting events have a way of bringing the […]