6 Things Only Avid Runners Will Understand – Runners’ Speak

Whether you are an Olympic runner or just a person who runs as part of a daily routine, there is something that always connects the runners. Many individuals who don’t appreciate the sport may admire the medals and awards, but it is a fellow runner that can truly appreciate the effort and endurance. Runners know precisely the amount of energy and time that it takes for an opportunity to participate in a championship for running. Here below are some things that only fellow runners – especially the most dedicated ones, will understand.

No Pain, No Gain

Ever heard of the saying ‘No Pain No Gain’?

This is the exact feeling that most runners know and understand very well. Therefore, over time they usually develop a sort-of numbness towards it. In many cases, unbearable heat and wheezing lungs are considered to be a good sign for runners. Avid runners will understand and never judge a fellow runner who has a stomach stitch from running either.

Carb Dreams

One of the most normal things that can pass from runner to runner is binge eating. Unlike other individuals who force themselves to participate in diets and detox routines, runners can have a fair share of carbs as they burn calories when they run anyway. This allows them to treat themselves to family sized pizzas or even three servings of ice cream after a long and tiring run.

Shopping Mania

Hands down one of the best things that a runner will understand are going to the mall. However, instead of going to the movies or eating an elaborate dinner in a restaurant, the average runner will spend at least five-hundred dollars on buying new sports/running shoes and new gear. On top of that, runners will also ensure the best quality of their footwear by sometimes taking up to 2-3 hours for choosing that perfect pair.

More Running Shoes Than Normal Ones

It is guaranteed that if you visit a runner’s home, you will not find a lot of formal shoes. Due to their unconditional love and dedication for running, there are always more than three pairs of running shoes that are available. In extreme cases, there will only be running shoes and maybe one pair of sandals for a casual walk. So the chances are that a runner will most likely show up to work in running shoes too.

Autumn Runs

While Autumn is the season that is attributed to falling leaves and cold climates, a runner will only wear a pair of shorts and still end up sweating. Running early in the morning is considered to be extremely beneficial to runners as the crisp air helps clear the head. Running in Autumn is a bit cold for the non-runner with red noses and ears, but the sight of the sun filtering through falling leaves is enough to get a runner itching to grab their shoes for a run. A unique tribe they are for sure.

Sock Tanning

A dreaded part about running is the crazy sock tans that you earn as a souvenir.  A sock may be a small piece of fabric that protects your feet and shoes from odor, but when you have been running in the sun, you can find a visible line on your leg. No matter what you do and however many times you wash it, you can never rid yourself or a sock tan. A runner will wear his sock tan with pride rather than a non-runner who would instead do without it.