Bossaball is More Than Just Bouncing on Inflated Fields

Sporting events come in every form, fun and adventure type. Countries around the world actively introduce new sporting events by the day to encourage healthy competition between people and sometimes nations. Countries who are arch rivals come together with sports and spend their fury through healthy competition instead of on the battlefield. Sporting events have a way of bringing the world together using unique and blended styles. One of the unique sporting events that have been raising some eyebrows around the world is Bossaball.

For those who are familiar with the name a sport, do not be fooled by the ease at which the payers seem to execute every move. While there is tremendous fun involved in bouncing on an inflated field, there is so much more to the game than meets the eye. The sport is acrobatic, energetic, and rhythmic. The best part of the game is the musical elements that are used in it too. Playing the sport without any music is possible. However, the tempo and the beats add to the unique feature of the game.

Unique Elements of Bossaball

The very name of the sport is unique and consists of a rare combination of skills to come together.

Who would have thought that combining volleyball, football, and gymnastics could create so much fun and a sensation with the participants?

Here are some of the elements of the sport that stand out.

  • The referee is called a Samba Referee and acts as the DJ of the game
  • The sport is a significant event that is hosting alongside beach parties, music festivals, and small-town fests
  • The music that is used in the competition is a highly active part in promoting the festival where the game is being conducted
  • Filip Eyckmans, inventor of the game, is from Belgium
  • The sport had an indeed brief history and was first played in 2004
  • Several countries throughout Europe are familiar with the sport and actively use it in their festivals
  • The Netherlands have a major Bossaball League
  • The sport if very prevent in Singapore and was introduced to the small nation in 2007
  • The unique sport has a world cup event that takes place in Turkey
  • Schools are starting to incorporate Bossaball in the PE curriculum
  • Any part of the body can be used to touch the ball
  • Every rally should have at least one soccer move during gameplay

Several workshops are available that teach interested parties to play Bossaball. A simple search engine query will help you find the closest place where you can indulge in this brand-new exciting sport. If you are a gymnast or an excellent volleyball player, then playing bossaball would be a walk in the park and would add to the skills that you already have. Even if you do not want to play the sport on a professional level, there is enough fun and adventure that anyone can get from indulging in some playtime.