Health Benefits of Running and Jogging

Health Benefits of Running and Jogging

When people think about getting healthier, they usually think about changing their diet and going and getting a gym membership. Both are great steps to take, but there’s even something much easier and simpler that they can incorporate into their daily routine to help them live a long, healthy life. Running and even jogging are two great ways to get healthier, from the inside out. There are so many great healthy benefits to running and jogging. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, get healthier, or simply add some daily exercise into your life, there are plenty of health benefits to doing so. Here they are.

Group of runners running on pavement
Group of runners running on pavement

Aids in weight loss

Running and jogging burns a ton of calories. The amount of calories greatly depends on the runner’s weight, age, fitness level, and exercise intensity. Running is one of the best types of cardio you can partake in. To see real weight loss while running, be sure to include healthy foods in your diet, otherwise, your efforts will be counterproductive. If you are running more, it’s a good idea to increase how much healthy food you’re eating so that you don’t end up crashing.

Strengthens muscles

The more you run, the better your body will become. Running won’t make you bulky, however, it will make you stronger and able to endure more. Running and jogging strengthens your muscles and joints, which helps you withstand obstacles. Running also allows you to be able to travel longer distances without experiencing muscle aches and fatigue because your joints and ligaments are in such good shape from exercising them often. Since your lungs are a muscle, they require exercise as well in order for them to function at their best. Going for a run daily helps to work the lungs even more and strengthens them over time.

Reduces risks of disease

Running has been linked to decreasing your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and running just one time per week can help lower your risk of dying, period. While running, the arteries around your heart keep expanding and contracting in order to stay fit. Running each day, even for just twenty minutes per day, is enough to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range and help decrease your chances of getting heart disease. Research at the Stanford University School of Medicine determined that running stops you from aging so fast.

Boosts energy

Because of the increase of endorphins that are released while running, runners often experience a huge boost of energy, which is known as “runner’s high.” Avid runners usually feel more energetic after a long run because they’re generally more healthier and take part in other forms of physical activity. They usually get more sleep because they know they need to be up early and fresh for their exercise, and more often than not, people who get more sleep are more energetic.

Meditation benefits

Running is definitely a form of meditation and helps free your mind. Running is a lot like meditation because it is repetitive. Running as meditation offers you concentration and the ability to focus and meditate while in motion, and it also allows you to relax. Having a peaceful mind while running allows your body to relax. If you ever find yourself stressed or needing a break from the world, go for a run. If you’re one of those people who have a hard time sitting still to meditate, definitely think about running as meditation because there are so many great benefits to doing so.

Run & relax
Run & relax

Better mental health

Whenever you come in contact with a runner on the trail or at a park, your first thought of them is probably that they’re super friendly and happy. That’s because runners are always in a good mood and are just happier people. Running puts you in a better mood, it calms you, and increases adrenaline, which is amazing for mental health and clarity. If you find yourself suffering from mood swings, not wanting to be around people, or just any feelings of being depressed, give running a try for a few minutes each day. It can really make a difference in your life.

Running has so many great benefits and is good for the body. Not only is it a great way to stay healthy and in shape, but it’s very relaxing and can help relieve stress. I get up every morning and run two miles, as it’s a great start to my day. It’s the only time during the day that I get to just be, and it’s so calming. Other activities that I enjoy to relax and take my mind off things are playing black jack and bingo online as well as reading personal development books. I do these things in the evening and it really helps. However, nothing compares to running, as I look forward to it each and every day.