How to Better Your Running Speed

Whether you’re marathon training, training for a 10k run, practising for sprints or simply hoping you can get home sooner from your exercise there are plenty of ways that you can improve your speed and running times. Obviously, there are ways to improve your gear and monitor your performance however let’s take a look at a few really simple ways of bettering yourself without having to break the bank.

Switch up Your Route Length

The first thing you can do to work on that time is look at diversifying the length of each of your runs. Most of us will stick to our allotted distance and hope that we can improve each time we hit the trail but by switching it up we can really improve our aerobic ability. Shorter runs can help us really concentrate on keeping up high speeds whilst longer ones will train your endurance. Include both in your regime and you’ll really be working on improving that internal battery from all angles.

Take it Easy

I’m not suggesting you swap out a few runs for some extensive couch surfing sessions but don’t feel like you have to reach a new personal best with each run. In fact, by taking it slow regularly we allow ourselves to heal and further build up our endurance level. It’s so tempting to ignore this tip but it really is an important point that’ll help you balance your energy levels overall, making the more intense work more bearable in the long run.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

A great way to improve your endurance and give your legs an extreme workout is by taking a look at your route and filling it with as many hill climbs as possible. It’s not too dissimilar to performing squats or other leg exercises in the gym and you’ll feel your leg strength improving in no time. The stronger your legs are the faster your pace will be so this is a really important tip, though you’ll certainly be earning that time with the amount of extra working out you’ll be handling.

Mix up Your Terrain

As well as looking at the incline of your route it’s always worth taking note of the terrain you will be traversing on your run. Are you running on grass, concrete or gravel? It’s good to keep it varied so that you can learn to get used to whatever the ground may throw at you. The more you get to grips with each one the more you’ll understand how to navigate it, when to reserve your energy and more importantly when to go all out.

Friendly Competition

Finally, nothing can help improve your time like a little bit of healthy competition between you and a friend. Give each other challenges and you’ll notice the competition destroying barriers that were previously slowing you down. This will also add a bit of fun to your outings and make sure you head out as often as you need to. If you’re not one for competing you can simply look to keep goals together, sometimes the encouragement is all you’ll need.