The Treatment and Prevention of Runner’s Knee

Running is a beautiful sport to participate in, it can both be rejuvenating and competitive. Not only is running a competitive game, but it can also be a recreational activity. Many people use running in their daily workouts and even participate in them just for fun when they have the time. However, one of many things that go hand in […]

How to Better Your Running Speed

Whether you’re marathon training, training for a 10k run, practising for sprints or simply hoping you can get home sooner from your exercise there are plenty of ways that you can improve your speed and running times. Obviously, there are ways to improve your gear and monitor your performance however let’s take a look at a few really simple ways […]

The Injuries That Plague A Passionate Runner – Running Injuries

Running is an extremely strenuous sport. Participants are known to be extremely competitive. However, as a result of this competitiveness, may participants and athletes find themselves dealing with injuries. These injuries may occur at any time, which makes knowing them and learning how to deal with them is all the more critical. Injuries during running are usually caused by an […]

Health Benefits of Running and Jogging

Health Benefits of Running and Jogging

When people think about getting healthier, they usually think about changing their diet and going and getting a gym membership. Both are great steps to take, but there’s even something much easier and simpler that they can incorporate into their daily routine to help them live a long, healthy life.

Over-50 Years Old and Running – Running for Beginners

Physical activity is an excellent inclusion for every age. There is no bar in the type of physical activity you get to stay healthy and fit. Older people who have had little need to keep fit all their lives find that they lack energy and suffer, health-wise, because of numerous body function related illnesses. It is almost as common for […]

Issues Faced Amputee Runners – Inclusive Running

With the Olympic committee committing to including amputee athletes, societies around the world are encouraging more disabled people to be a part of athletic events. For an amputee to be able to compete in a national or international tournament, they would require several additional aids to help them in their sporting adventure. Once they find the right support for their […]

Top Running Magazines to Keep You Motivated Every day

As runners, most people know the massive difference between running outside and on the treadmill. The sound of feet on the asphalt feels more like music, and the wind against skin feels better than the best spa treatment. Running takes people places they would like to explore and on adventures that non-runners would rarely experience. To stay running and for […]