Recovery Rules for Marathon Runners – Runner’s Health

For those who actively participate in running tournaments and competitions, it is essential that you know what to do after a heated race. Most of the time, runners will often forget that they need to stretch their joints and muscles to avoid pain and soreness. However, the problem with ignoring the stretching exercises is that training regularly will prove to be extremely painful as the body will take twice as long to recover. Included below are methods and techniques on ways to improve after a tense marathon.

1. Take A Shower

Having a short and brief shower after a run or marathon is essential as it relaxes your muscles. This shower is also known as a contrast shower. It is a shower that comprises of oscillating between cold and hot water on your body. One-minute hot and one-minute cold. The hot water expands your blood vessels causing vasodilation and the cold water contracts the blood vessels causing vasoconstriction. The alternation of the temperature coaxes oxygen-rich blood into your legs, thus, helping with recovery.

2. Eat, Sleep and Run

After your shower, be sure to eat a heavy meal. Eating a lunch that is rich in protein is essential. After eating your lunch you must sleep well through the night, this will help in rejuvenating your strength after the race. The next day it is crucial that you work out, relaxing after a marathon is not an option as you still need to get the blood moving towards your legs as it can help in further healing your body. Even if it is a very light run that you would engage in, your body will thank you for it.

3. Investing In Your Recovery

The next step to complete recovery is to consult with an ART (Active Release Technique) Therapist. It is very likely that most of your muscles have shut down or damaged. Visiting a sports therapist and investing a bit of money on yourself can prove very helpful. Majority of the time the therapist will give you a new exercise routine that can accommodate any injuries and soreness. However, most people think that instead of wasting money on a therapist, the money is used at a sports store, to buy professional shoes and more equipment. A big mistake indeed.

4. Train Before Resuming Running

Whenever someone thinks about marathon recovery, they always think about a bunch of days to relax after the event, but that is what you should not be doing. One of the best things to do for training your body after a marathon is aqua fitness. Jogging in water or doing some light laps in the pool can help oxygen to reach the tips of your toes and repair your muscles. Being in the pool also helps your lymph system flush out all the toxins in your body making it healthier.

5. Get Stronger

GSM, also known as General Strength and Mobility, this is the training and stretching of the essential areas of the body. Strengthening your waist hips and ankles is a good way to start as it is the most basic and crucial part of your body. So starting with those parts of your body is extremely useful. Unlike the other steps to this list, GSM is an injury-free workout and is fun. Completing a GSM workout allows your body to participate in more intense runs.