Running in The Rain – Tips to Keep Running

People who choose to run either completely falls in love with it or would instead pick another form of exercise to keep them motivated. Runners are a unique tribe of people. Their inspiration comes from the different trails they get to experience, the music they enjoy and the community they network. However, every runner who is passionate will find that a good downpour is enough to dampen the mood for a run. Coming back after a spell with sopping clothes and squishy sneakers is not every runner’s dream, but a reality they have to face if there’s rain.

Take It by The Horns

They say that ‘Anything is possible for the man who believes’; and the statement stands true even for running in the rain. Running in the rain is going to get you wet, and the first thing you can do for yourself is embracing the fact that you will get wet. Accepting the change will help you understand it and like it better. Once the realization kicks in, you might be willing to take a run in the rain just so that you can feel the gentle sprinkles of water. Running in the rain can be very refreshing to some, especially when there is a light breeze along with it. Just grab clothes and shoes that will keep you warm and head out into the rain. Perhaps you can wear a thin poncho on your run, grab a cup of coffee at the end of your trail and run back in the rain.

Stay Away from Cotton

Certain materials are known to absorb water and moisture. Cotton is one of those unfortunate materials that attracts water. The fabric tends to stick to the skin and gives that wet chaffy feeing too. Due to its water retaining capabilities, cotton wear is not a choice for runners or any athletes. You would instead pick up some merino wool clothes for winter running or the polyester which has thermal properties, even if you are sopping wet. With the right clothes, you are bound to enjoy your run in any weather.

Caps, Socks and Shoes

If you wear contact lens when running, best you ditch any sunglasses and wear a cap when you run. Once your head is protected, your eyes won’t be irritated, and you can see better when you run. Choose socks that you can wear for all weather running, and these socks are not cotton based socks. The best socks that you can wear while running in the rain are wool running socks. While waterproof shoes are a brilliant idea, you don’t need one. If you run on the road, then waterproof boots might work. Otherwise, you merely need shoes that allow water to get out if it gets in.

Vaseline Up

The worst part about running or any friction in the rain is the chaffing. The painful experience is enough to put anyone off from ever running in the rain ever. Here’s a sticky yet useful tip that will help – Vaseline. Apply some Vaseline in all areas that are prone to chaffing. These areas are under your armpits, in areas where your socks end on your ankles, and on the straps of your bra.

Make It A Fun Experience

Everyone always dreams about a coffee or a cup of hot cocoa in the rain. Running in the rain might be your chance to do everything you want to do to enjoy the weather. Meeting up with fellow runner friends for coffee at the end of the run or coming back home to a warm bath and some hot cocoa are great ways to motivate you.