Safety When Running Takes Precedence – Running Safe

Runners often use the time on the road to reflect on their day and love the idea of spending time by themselves. Avid runners find that they prefer running alone than running in a group. After all, when they run, it is unlikely that they would be able to hold a conversation with friends. Therefore, most runners who take up running, either choose to run with other people who join them for safety reasons or just run by themselves. Sometimes, runners are left to run by themselves in parks and their localities. Running alone is great. However, some risks come with running alone and more so if you run in the dark. The number of tragedies that are associated with running alone is high as well. Reading the news is enough to scare you into either learning martial arts to defend yourself or give up running in the great outdoors altogether.

Here are some useful ideas that will help you enjoy your run as well as keep you safe.

  1. Research

Before you go on your run, always research the route that you will take on your trail. There are several mobile apps such as Strava and MapMyRun, which are amazing just for this purpose. You will be able to avoid dangerous localities and precarious alleys on your run. Sometimes, you might need to drive to an area that is safe for you, but it is better to be reliable than sorry in this case.

  1. Popular Spots

Choose spots that are popular with runners and other bystanders. Rather than choosing routes that are isolated, it is better to be around people when you run. When running in a park, you will always be surrounded by people, and that should give you the safety that you need on your trail. Most of these favorite spots are also well-lit. More light means fewer possibilities of attackers.

  1. Turn Down the Bass

Runners love their music and podcasts on their trails. However, when you are on the path, it is easy to get involved in the music that you are listening to and turn up the volume to the max. A high volume will only mean that you cannot hear what is happening around you and you might risk danger. So, while you want to keep your mind active on your run, avoid having your earphones plugged into both your ears. Keep one of the headsets dangling, so you are always aware of sounds around you.

  1. Running in the Dark

If you work long hours and only get to run in the dark, choose to get a working headlamp for your runs. You should also consider using some reflective tape that you can buy at most hardware stores and stick it onto the rear of your clothes so people and vehicles will be able to see you running.

  1. ID and GPS

Several GPS options are available to let your loved ones and friends know where you are when you are on the road. Make sure that you have enough of network and your tracker is working before you go on your run. Also, wear an ID on yourself in case there is an emergency, people know what to do. There are several ID choices available for runners in the form of wristbands and dog tags.

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