The World’s Greatest Marathons

The Athens Authentic Marathon

The marathon that started it all, the Athens Authentic Marathon is based on the path of the legend. Over two and a half thousand years ago the battle of Marathon was fought and won by the Ancient Greeks, a messenger, Pheidippides, ran from the battle site all the way to Athens in order to deliver the news. It is this story that supposedly inspired the bizarre length (26.2 miles) to which marathons are still ran today. This test of endurance follows the same path, through several challenging hills and takes you to Panathenaic Stadium, where the modern-day Olympics were first held.

The London Marathon

Considered to be one of the World Marathon Majors, the London Marathon is a global even that is extremely well organised, spectated by thousands of enthusiastic fans and has one of the best atmospheres of them all. This marathon sees more than forty thousand entrants each year making it one of the most attended in the world. Not only that but the course takes you past many of this historic city’s most iconic landmarks such as Greenwich Park, the river Thames and its many bridges, the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and of course Buckingham Palace.

New York City Marathon

This is the largest marathon event in the United States of America. It sees around fifty thousand runners take part each year and has more than two million spectators cheering at the side lines and taking part in the great atmosphere. Not only that but the New York City Marathon also attracts more international entrants than any in the world. This is another incredibly iconic route as you travel through the many burrows of the city, starting in Harlem, heading through the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and of Course Manhattan.

Marathon De Medoc

If sites and enjoyment are a must to help you get through the challenge ahead then its certainly worth considering the Marathon De Medoc in Frances beautiful capitol, Paris. Whilst making your way through this historic city you’ll be treated with some of the best aid stations of any marathon going, many will present a fine selection of soft drink but even better, as you Chateaux you’ll be treated with a bounty of local produce such as oysters, cheese, escargot and of course wine. Not only that but as you make your way around the track, you’ll be able see sights such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower.

Berlin Marathon

The marathon of Germany’s capitol, Berlin, is considered to be one of the World Major Marathons. It is also arguably the best for anyone who is looking to achieve their personal best in the field. The Berlin Marathon hosts many of the fastest track times in the history, considered to be one of the worlds fastest marathons, this is thanks to its all-round flat course with smooth corners and organised with the efficiency that the Germans are so well known for.