Top Running Magazines to Keep You Motivated Every day

As runners, most people know the massive difference between running outside and on the treadmill. The sound of feet on the asphalt feels more like music, and the wind against skin feels better than the best spa treatment. Running takes people places they would like to explore and on adventures that non-runners would rarely experience. To stay running and for that extra bounty of motivation, runners seek websites and magazines. While there are innumerable sources for runners and motivational apps, there are few top running magazines that almost every runner has browsed at least once. These magazines are at the top and for a good reason.

Runner’s World

The best magazine for runners is Runner’s World. The magazine is the perfect guide for runners to be in beginners or advanced trainers. The magazine caters to runners who adopt different speeds of running. There is an excellent litter of tips and advice from experts in the area to help readers keep up the right lifestyle and health required for a run. Running related information, interviews from world-famous athletes and different articles on how to deal with issues are a promise. The magazine is rated at the top choice for readers who have a passion for the sport. Race reports, gear reviews, trail maps and what not. A wealth of information for every pair of sneakers is a promise.

Women’s Running

As more women have been taking up running over the last several decades, there has been a demand for information about women alone. The constraints and advice that women need when running are very different from when men run. The Women’s Running magazine provides for all the points that need addressing with women runners. The health information, motivational stories, food, recipes and gear specific to women is on-spot with this mag. Every woman who wants to take up running will quickly find that this magazine has all the information needed for beginners. Motivation is the key element featured, and the editors deliver as promised.

Men’s Running

Men’s fitness has come a long way. Unlike women, men’s fitness primarily involves building muscle and staying on top of their game. Men who take up running are always looking for inspiration and advice on how they can push themselves further in the sport. The Men’s Running magazine provides essential information and tricks to get to the fitness level that is much desired by every man. The magazine focuses on equipment that will help with building muscle and guidelines for running off-road.

Trail Running

Runner or not, at some point, everyone has tried to walk or run a trail. The good thing about running on a path is that the scenery is never the same. The challenges are also different every single time, and so are the chances of injury. Women and men who run on trails need the right equipment and gear to make sure that their running experience is delightful. The Trail Running magazine is for everyone who wants to attempt walking or running on a trail. The beautiful views with maps to get there in different countries is mapped for the reader. Ideas to meet a community and connecting to fellow trail runners is also available.