Understanding Age Grading and Tempo Running – Runner’s Jargon

While running for fitness, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind to get the best out of your fitness regime. Avid runners do not often pay attention to what happens to their body when they are running. They eat a great meal, and they run. It is the ones who want to run to lose weight who go all the way to understand runner’s jargon for the intricacies involved with running. However, understanding about Age Grading and Tempo Running will give every runner the right information they need to get the most out of their runs. Avid runners who pay little attention to their body’s processes, need to understand the meaning and significance of these terminologies so that they can ensure they feed their body the right foods.

Age Grading

Everybody is different, and everybody type handles workouts differently. What 500 meters does for you will not be the same as what it does to another person. People who are new to running often complain that they do not see results because they use the same scale to measure themselves as others do. Most of the apps and programs available for free take into consideration a set template of what is average and use the same scale to give you an estimate on what you can expect from the program. Amateur runners do not read the fine print – ‘estimate.’ To be able to compare your performance with other people, you will need to use Age Grading. Age Grading is simply runners speak for your performance according to your age and gender. When you age grade, you will be tracked on how fast you can run. This is usually tracked against the speed you ran at your prime age and compared to the world record of running for your gender. You will be able to find a context to how much better you are performing when compared to your spouse when you run. Age grading will also help you understand how you played when you were younger when compared to your performance and endurance levels right now.

Tempo Running

Tempo Running, on the other hand, is a different jargon altogether. A Tempo Run is your lactate-threshold run. Meaning, it is the pace you run at which is roughly 30 seconds per mile slower than the 5k race pace you are achieving now. If you would like a simpler explanation, it is the level at which your body is clearing lactate out of your system. Lactate is caused by burning the carbs that you consume. Carbs are the leading suppliers of energy to your body and giving you an estimate on how fast your body can get rid of the carbs from your system completely, will provide you with the rate at which you will burn fat. For those who are already fit, it will give you an idea of how much you should be consuming, foodwise, to stay healthy and enjoy running as a passion.